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Wicked Eden Dungeon

I use the dungeon Wicked Eden, located in Columbus, OH. The studio is centrally located, minutes from downtown toward the east side, with direct access from I-270. The dungeon is 2400 sq ft, in a private commercial complex.

The studio has been a labor of love (and much sweat) over the past year, and continues to expand. New photos will be added as time allows.

Wicked Eden and my Vegas studio are available for photography rental and facility rental from reputable professionals. For more information, email Rentals@WickedEden.com



Equipment and Toys

Wicked Eden possesses a multitude of toys, below is a small sample:

Bondage: leather and metal restraints; police-issue cuffs and manacles; hand mitts; leather, lycra, and rubber hoods and masks; gags (inflatable, ring, ball, bit); arm, shoulder, waist, and thigh restraints; wood and metal spreader bars; MFP and natural fiber bondage rope; saran-wrap and latex stripping; 550 and parachute cording.

Genitorture: All manner of assorted devices for restriction and stretching; latex sheathes; rubber inflatable pumps; chrome-plated brass stretchers, weights, and presses; flex and pressure wrap; leather and rubber genital whips; clips and clamps of all kinds; suction devices; stone weights; humbling devices; and more.

Corporal: Floggers in materials ranging from deerskin to cowhide to latigo to rubber; crops; rattan, hardwood, and fiberglass canes; tawses; short and long whips.

Paddles in all shapes and sizes in domestic and exotic woods, leather, and plastic, ranging from small to frighteningly large.

Electrical: PES units with multiple attachment pieces for males and females; Huse Violet wand with 6 glass attachments and the lightning hands attachment

Role-playing: Pony, dog, and pig gear; uniforms and assorted costumes for the submissive

Insertables: More than 40 toys, currently. Wicked Eden uses silicone and vinyl dildoes and plugs because they are the only material that can be completely sanitized. Insertables range in size from 3" x 1" to 9" x 3". Also a large range of glass and metal toys; prostrate stimulators; strap-on dildos (including ejaculating); etc.

Wicked Eden maintains strict standards for cleanliness, employing sanitation of all items and surfaces that come into contact with skin or breath. All areas and items are cleaned and disinfected prior to each appointment.


Red Room ("Snapdragon Room")

This room is reserved for interviews, foot worship, Japanese rope bondage, protocol and position training, etc. Also houses some of Miss Snow's porn and erotic pin-up collection-- don't be caught reading her magazines!

Coming soon - an onsite store for purchases!



Blue Room ("The Office")

Affectionately called "the Office," this room features a St. George's Cross, Spanking Bench, and Double Kneeler, as well as a sturdy desk for "corrections". All 6 floor/wall black and glass cabinets are filled with toys, as well as racks and shelves throughout the room.



Purple Room ("The Shrine")

Going from the Office into the Shrine, restraint points have been added to the double-doorway for standing spread-eagle bondage. This room also houses a bondage table (soon to be table cage), spanking horse, classic spanking bench, heavy wooden chair and footstool for worship, and the Goddess' mini-shrine.



Medical Exam Room

As commented by more than one physician-- this room is better equipped than most real exam rooms! Authentic exam table with stirrups, working scale, IV-poles, exam lights, metal tables, charts, vintage glass jars, and all manner of medical devices.

Devices and equipment includes: needles, sutures, saline inflation, examination instruments, anal and vaginal speculums (metal and plastic disposable), pinwheels, forceps, urethral sounds, various lighted scopes, blood pressure cuffs, large and small rectal thermometers, and more.



"The Bedroom"

Quite possibly one of the largest and most equipped feminization rooms in the US. Lighted vanity hosts hundreds of dollars worth of makeup, perfumes, jewelry, and accessories. Above are dozens of wigs in all colors and styles, with hair accessories and styling products. This cute bedroom set has a double bed with matching nightstands for soft bondage, strap-on play, and all sorts of role-play scenarios.. from infantilism to being caught trying on neighbor's panties.

This room has three 92" tall mirror-fronted wardrobes, each housing more clothing and shoes than the last. For the sissy and baby wardrobe-- dozens of outfits ranging from ruffly to slutty, high heels, and accessories. More than 250 pairs of panties, bras, stockings, naughty lingerie, corsets, and costumes to thrill even the pickiest slut!



"The Dungeon"

The classic dungeon room is under construction. Grey walls and cold floors are augmented by metal pup cage and chain suspension. Coming soon: motorized suspension hoist, whipping post, St-Andrew's cross, and fucking sling.

Get a peek: